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Laboratory Plates

  • 96 Well Polypropylene Plates
  • 384 Well Polypropylene Storage Plates
  • High Volume Polypropylene Storage Plates
  • Filter Plates
  • Plate Sealing & Closures
  • Polystyrene Assay Plates
  • Stripwell Plates
  • Glass Bottom Plates
  • Coated Plates

Laboratory Supplies

  • 96 Well Mini Tubes with Round Bottoms
  • 96 Well Mini Tubes with Flat Bottoms
  • 96 Well Mini Tubes with Conical Bottoms
  • Partitioned Reservoirs
  • Reservoirs with Controls
  • Single Cavity Reservoirs
  • Custom Lab-ware Supplies
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Large Volume 24 Well Filter Plate

  • Add consistency to your large volume filtration workflow
  • Eliminate filtering your samples individually
  • Increase the number of samples you can prepare

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